MSN Essential BundleWindows on gearing for new Essential Bundle, and finally a new messenger is on the production list.  Just recently they added the Office Web Apps so you can create  and share Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and One Notes documents online, and now they are preparing what we’ve been really waiting for.

I was actually happy when I say the new interface as seen below. The design is more welcoming; it asks “Have we met before?” and after that, the home screen has been redesigned to be centered around your Social feed, which includes, status updates, news, highlights, mail and any application updates eg Blog posts. Te new look is expanded by default but there is a compact view.

I really like the concept of the entire suite upgrades, but the Live Messenger Beta is far from perfection I would say.Some of the features I was accustomed to have disappeared at this stage, like Personalised names and status (Private Messages as known by some), Show My Webcam, and everything seems to be geared towards the social aspect. They did finally add a way to selectively go online, but sadly at this stage you cant send offline messages anymore, if you are appearing offline.

TO DOWNLOAD :    Visit Windows Live Essentials Download Page here

Note that it only supports Windows Vista or Windows 7 AND Dont install if if you don’t want to lose the feature “View My Webcam.” You wont get it back even when u downgrade, because the lastest release of messenger removes it. [source]

What do I think about the new Messenger Beta?

After using all the applications in the Suite I reverted to the older version of messenger, therefore, I’d say wait for the next Beta or Alpha version. This Beta has lots of bugs which I have reported, and it made messaging too complicated for me.


– New Install interface

– Sleek concept for main screen with the social integration

– Video call seems to stream better( for me atleast)

– New sign in notification design (same old sounds)

– Redesigned Emoticons (Winks are bundled under the same menu)

– Tabbed messaging enabled by default

– Selectively able to choose who can see u as online


– The windows are wider

– Some windows scale and stretch content

– Message windows can’t be shrunk as far as the older version

– Can’t “Share My Webcam.”  Video Call and Voice Call only

– Pixel doubling in video calls are not as good as I expected

– Message box disappears when someone calls me, then they have to send a message in order for me to see the type input field

– Video over lays message box at times

– Can’t personalise names and status messages (private messages) without affect your entire MSN Profile name

– Can’t send offline messages if you are appearing offline

– Can’t pull out tabs without going into the options menu

All in all, I think the idea are fairly nice, but I would like to keep my old messenger.

As a side note, most of the applications in the Suite dictates that you must be signed in in order to use the service.